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75 x 75mm Concrete Stumps

Size (Length)DescriptionWidthPrice Inc. GST
0.3300mm Concrete Stump75 X 75mm$5.56
0.4400mm Concrete Stump75 X 75mm$5.56
0.5500mm Concrete Stump75 X 75mm$5.56
0.6600mm Concrete Stump75 X 75mm$5.56
0.7700mm Concrete Stump75 X 75mm$6.48
0.8800mm Concrete Stump75 X 75mm$7.38
0.9900mm Concrete Stump75 X 75mm$8.32
11000mm Concrete Stump75 X 75mm$9.24
1.11100mm Concrete Stump75 X 75mm$10.16
1.21200mm Concrete Stump75 X 75mm$11.07
1.31300mm Concrete Stump75 X 75mm$12.01
1.41400mm Concrete Stump75 X 75mm$12.99

85 x 85 Concrete Stumps

Size (Length)DescriptionWidthPrice Inc. GST
0.4400mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$8.96
0.5500mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$8.96
0.6600mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$8.96
0.7700mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$9.07
0.8800mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$10.38
0.85850mm Concrete stump85 X 85mm$11.01
0.9900mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$11.63
0.95950mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$12.30
11000mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$12.96
1.051050mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$13.71
1.11100mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$14.29
1.151150mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$14.87
1.21200mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$15.47
1.251250mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$16.04
1.31300mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$16.65
1.351350mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$17.24
1.41400mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$18.14
1.451450mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$18.74
1.51500mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$19.46
1.61600mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$20.73
1.71700mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$22.03
1.81800mm Concrete Stump85 X 85mm$23.35

Threaded Concrete Stumps

(All thread rod petruding from top for ease in installation and to pull sub-floor down in high points.

Size (Length)DescriptionWidthPrice Inc. GST
0.40400mm Threaded Stump75 X 75mm$6.75
0.50500mm Threaded Stump75 X 75mm$6.75
0.60600mm Threaded Stump75 X 75mm$6.75
0.70700mm Threaded Stump75 X 75mm$7.62
0.80800mm Threaded Stump75 X 75mm$8.56
0.90900mm Threaded Stump75 X 75mm$9.54
1.001000mm Threaded Stump75 X 75mm$11.85
1.101100mm Threaded Stump75 X 75mm$13.07
1.201200mm Threaded Stump75 X 75mm$14.28
1.301300mm Threaded Stump75 X 75mm$15.49
1.401400mm Threaded Stump75 X 75mm$16.70
1.501500mm Threaded Stump75 X 75mmCall for $
1.601600mm Threaded Stump75 X 75mmCall for $
1.701700mm Threaded Stump75 X 75mmCall for $
1.801800mm Threaded Stump75 X 75mmCall for $

75 X 75 Steel Stump L Shape Cadle

Size (Length)DescriptionSteel ThicknessWidthPrice Inc. GST
0.30300mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$34.29
0.40400mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$37.11
0.50500mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$39.96
0.60600mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$42.81
0.70700mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$45.63
0.80800mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$48.47
0.90900mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$51.33
1.001000mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$54.18
1.101100mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$57.68
1.201200mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$59.83
1.301300mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$62.67
1.401400mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$65.53
1.501500mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$68.34
1.601600mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$71.18
1.701700mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$73.99
1.801800mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$76.86
1.901900mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$79.68
2.002000mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$82.53
2.102100mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$85.38
2.202200mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$88.19
2.302300mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$91.60
2.402400mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$93.88
2.502500mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$96.73
2.602600mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$99.57
2.702700mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$102.39
2.802800mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$107.91
2.902900mm Steel Stump2mm75 x 75$110.74
3.003000mm Steel Stump2.5mm75 x 75$113.59
3.103100mm Steel Stump2.5mm75 x 75$116.41
3.203200mm Steel Stump2.5mm75 x 75$119.26
3.303300mm Steel Stump2.5mm75 x 75$122.07
3.403400mm Steel Stump2.5mm75 x 75$124.89
3.503500mm Steel Stump2.5mm75 x 75$127.79
3.603600mm Steel Stump2.5mm75 x 75$130.61
3.703700mm Steel Stump2.5mm75 x 75$133.43
3.803800mm Steel Stump2.5mm75 x 75$136.29
3.903900mm Steel Stump2.5mm75 x 75$139.12
4.004000mm Steel Stump2.5mm75 x 75$141.96


DescriptionPrice Inc. GST
100 x 300mm Concrete Soleplate$6.70
112x300mm Concrete Soleplate$7.47
125x300mm Concrete Soleplate$8.17
75mm Antcaps $1.89
85mm Antcaps $2.09
3mm Packers$0.53
5mm Packers$0.72
10mm Packers$1.10
15mm Packers$1.60
20mm Packers$2.21
25mm Packers$2.33
30mm Packers$2.55
Kordon Termite Sheet$2.21
Screws (Box of 500)$54.57
Screws (each)$0.11
Cleat per mt$4.05
Bracing Clips$4.36
Bearer Plates$2.49

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Prices may vary depending on Material Costs. These are the prices based on material costs at the time of publishing.

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