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Concrete Tek Stump Prices

75 x 75mm Concrete Stumps

Size (Length) Description Width Price Inc
0.3 300mm Concrete stump 75x75mm $5.29
0.4 400mm Concrete Stump 75x75mm $5.29
0.5 500mm Concrete stump 75x75mm $5.29
0.6 600mm Concrete Stump 75x75mm $5.29
0.7 700mm Concrete stump 75x75mm $6.16
0.8 800mm Concrete Stump 75x75mm $7.03
0.9 900mm Concrete stump 75x75mm $7.93
1.0 1000mm Concrete Stump 75x75mm $8.80
1.1 1100mm Concrete stump 75x75mm $8.80
1.2 1200mm Concrete stump 75x75mm $10.53
1.3 1300mm Concrete Stump 75x75mm $11.43
1.4 1400mm Concrete stump 75x75mm $13.61

85 x 85 Concrete Stumps

Size (Length) Description Width Price
0.40m 400mm Concrete Stump 85x85mm $8.53
0.50m 500mm Concrete Stump 85x85mm $8.53
0.60m 600mm Concrete Stump 85x85mm $8.53
0.70m 700mm Concrete Stump 85x85mm $8.64
0.80m 800mm Concrete Stump 85x85mm $9.89
0.85m 850mm Concrete Stump 85x85mm $10.49
0.90m 900mm Concrete stump 85x85mm $11.08
0.95m 950mm Concrete stump 85x85mm $11.71
1.00m 1000mm Concrete Stump 85x85mm $12.35
1.05m 1050mm Concrete stump 85x85mm $13.05
1.10m 1100mm Concrete stump 85x85mm $13.61
1.15m 1150mm Concrete stump 85x85mm $14.18
1.20m 1200mm Concrete stump 85x85mm $14.73
1.25m 1250mm Concrete stump 85x85mm $15.28
1.30m 1300mm Concrete Stump 85x85mm $15.86
1.35m 1350mm Concrete stump 85x85mm $16.41
1.40m 1400mm Concrete stump 85x85mm $17.27
1.45m 1450mm Concrete stump 85x85mm $17.85
1.50m 1500mm Concrete stump 85x85mm $18.54
1.60m 1600mm Concrete stump 85x85mm $19.74
1.70m 1700mm Concrete stump 85x85mm $20.99
1.80m 1800mm Concrete stump 85x85mm $22.24

Threaded Concrete Stumps

(All thread rod petruding from top for ease in installation and to pull sub-floor down in high points.

Size (Length) Description Width Price
0.40m 400mm Concrete Stump (Threaded) 75x75mm $6.44
0.50m 500mm Concrete Stump (Threaded) 75x75mm $6.44
0.60m 600mm Concrete Stump (Threaded) 75x75mm $6.44
0.70m 700mm Concrete Stump (Threaded) 75x75mm $7.27
0.80m 800mm Concrete Stump (Threaded) 75x75mm $8.16
0.90m 900mm Concrete stump (Threaded) 75x75mm $9.09
1.00m 1000mm Concrete Stump (Threaded) 75x75mm $11.29
1.10m 1100mm Concrete stump (Threaded) 75x75mm Call for $
1.20m 1200mm Concrete stump (Threaded) 75x75mm Call for $
1.30m 1300mm Concrete Stump (Threaded) 75x75mm Call for $
1.40m 1400mm Concrete stump (Threaded) 75x75mm Call for $
1.50m 1500mm Concrete stump (Threaded) 75x75mm Call for $
1.60m 1600mm Concrete stump (Threaded) 75x75mm Call for $
1.70m 1700mm Concrete stump (Threaded) 75x75mm Call for $
1.80m 1800mm Concrete stump (Threaded) 75x75mm Call for $
Custom 85mm Concrete stumps can be made to order if required, please call (03) 9735 5706 for more info...
Steel stumps Custom made steel stumps, galvanised, L-shape steel cradle to attach to stump.
Size (Length) Description steel thickness Width Price
0.3m 300mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $32.66
0.4m 400mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $35.34
0.5 500mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $38.06
0.6 600mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $40.77
0.7 700mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $43.46
0.8 800mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $46.16
0.9 900mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $48.89
1m 1000mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $51.60
1.1 1100mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $54.93
1.2 1200mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $56.98
1.3 1300mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $59.69
1.4 1400mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $62.41
1.5 1500mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $65.09
1.6 1600mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $67.79
1.7 1700mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $70.47
1.8 1800mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $73.20
1.9 1900mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $75.89
2 2000mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $78.60
2.1 2100mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $81.31
2.2 2200mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $83.99
2.3 2300mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $87.24
2.4 2400mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $89.41
2.5 2500mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $92.12
2.6 2600mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $94.83
2.7 2700mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $97.51
2.8 2800mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $100.24
2.9 2900mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $?
3 3000mm steel stump 2mm 75x75mm $105.65
3.1 3100mm steel stump 2.5mm 75x75mm $108.3
3.2 3200mm steel stump 2.5mm 75x75mm $111.06
3.3 3300mm steel stump 2.5mm 75x75mm $113.74
3.4 3400mm steel stump 2.5mm 75x75mm $116.41
3.5 3500mm steel stump 2.5mm 75x75mm $119.18
3.6 3600mm steel stump 2.5mm 75x75mm $121.86
3.7 3700mm steel stump 2.5mm 75x75mm $124.54
3.8 3800mm steel stump 2.5mm 75x75mm $127.27
3.9 3900mm steel stump 2.5mm 75x75mm $129.96
4 4000mm steel stump 2.5mm 75x75mm $132.67
Other Custom made steel stumps larger or smaller can be made to order, feel free to call for more information. Other Products include:
Description Price
100x300mm concrete soleplate $6.37
112x300mm concrete soleplate $7.11
125mmx300mm concrete soleplate $7.78
150mmx300mm concrete soleplate $9.17
175mmx300mm concrete soleplate $10.58
Antcaps 75 or 85mm $1.80
3mm Packer $0.50
5mm Packer $0.77
10mm Packer $1.02
15mm Packer $1.51
20mm Packer $2.10

Tek Stump Deliver Victoria Wide, call for a no obligation quote on (03) 9735 5706

Prices may vary depending on Material Costs. These are the prices based on material costs at the time of publishing.

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