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  • Stump size shall be appropriate to footing size.
  • The height above ground in accordance with table supplied.
  • Stump embedment in foundation material should be at least 0.3 of the stump length.

Installation for Concrete Stumps

Tek Stump Installation Diagram

Stump Bracing

Where solid load bearing masonry walling is provided the floor may be assumed to be sufficiently braced.

Bracing shall be provided where:

  • Stump height above ground exceeds 15 times the minimum face width.
  • Embedding in the foundation is less than 0.3 of the height above ground level or 450mm whichever is the greater.

Stump Length for Pad Size

Safe Bearing Capacity of Founding Soil (kPa) Effective Height Above Ground (mm)
Pad Size
Pad Size
Pad Size
Pad Size
75mm Stump 85mm Stump 75mm Stump 85mm Stump 75mm Stump 85mm Stump 75mm Stump 85mm Stump
75kPa 1640 2100 1160 1490 1000 1290 820 1050
100kPa 1400 1800 1000 1275 870 1100 710 900
150kPa 1150 1490 820 1080 700 910 575 740

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