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Traditional building specifications automatically demand 100 x 100 mm stumps to meet building specifications and plans. However, Tek stump’s revolutionary 75mm and 85mm stumps are changing the way many builders and re-stumpers think. These lighter weight, more cost effective and easier to work with stumps often cause confusion where plans stipulate 100x100mm stumps must be used. The Tek stump has met all building regulations to allow 75x75 and 85x85mm stumps to be used in lieu of traditional 100x100mm stumps in 95% of situations where traditional 100x100mm stumps are commonly specified.

To make the change and specify Tek stumps for your next job, contact Tek Stump and we’ll send you all the information.

No builder or re-stumper has ever turned back after using the Tek stump.

CSIRO Approved, (Purpose)

Square stumps either 75mm or 85mm square for substitution for a conventional 100mm square cross section stump for the support of buildings.

Building Code of Australia, 2007

In 2007, The Building code of Australia accreditation system for building products; construction methods; or designs, components or systems connected with building work in Victoria accredited, "Tek stump to allow use of 75 x 75 and 85 x 85 concrete stumps in lieu of 100 x 100 stumps (approved)"

The Building Regulations Advisory

Committee appointed under Division 4 of Part 12 of the Building Act 1993 after examination of an application for “Tek Stump 75 mm square and 85 mm square Concrete Stumps”, has determined that the system complies with the requirements of:

Clauses P2.1 of Volume Two of the Building Code of Australia, as adopted by the Building Regulations 2006.

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